Prestige Attic Stair

Prestige Attic Stair

Upgrade to the Cadillac® of Stairs

  • Scissor – Wide Steps
  • Wider – Shoulder Room
  • Safety Handles
  • Metal Ladder – Rated for 350 lbs
  • Double Sealed Door – No AC or Heat Loss
  • Springs on Door
  • Complete from $945
    ** Installation Available

This Rainbow Attic Stair is telescoping and made for strength and size. Fits rough openings from 22-1/2 inches wide and lengths of 36 or 54. These units are perfect for frequent attic access and offer Wide Door Access up to 30w and 60 inches long. Installation may require minor changes to your Ceiling Joists (minimal sheetrock & trim work). The spring unit is under the ladder connected to the door. This can add 4-5 inches to opening width and make moving boxes so much easier. The metal ladder supports 350 lbs and is wide and strong (Step width from 12 to 16 wide) supporting ceiling heights of 7’4″ to 11’6″ (depending on model). The Door locks into the sealed frame which stops AC and Heat loss into your attic. The savings from your utility bills could help pay for the ladder.

Product is available within 5 days of order. Sizes are 22-1/2w X 36 or 54 length. 25-1/2w X 54 or 30w X 54 or 60 length units. Remote Control and Loft-side mounted units also available.

Video of The Prestige Expanding