Escape Ladders


Provide Your Family a Way to Escape

Residential fires happen hundreds of times a day – actually about every 80 seconds. If you or a family member sleeps upstairs, how will you escape in the event of a fire, home invasion or other emergency?

No one thinks it will ever happen to them… but,

The Permanent Escape And Rescue Ladder is a patented, recessed home escape ladder that provides instant emergency egress from second and third story bedrooms. When seconds count, the ladder deploys quickly and easily to provide a reliable escape route during a fire, disaster or home invasion.

The Perfect Fire Escape Solution

Any fire can be life-threatening and frightening. Fire doesn’t know how much money you make or how much your house is worth. Fire strikes old houses, new homes and multi-unit buildings. Have you ever left a candle unattended or left the room while food was cooking on the stove? These are things you can personally control. But, how about those you can’t control–like an electrical short or a lightening strike in the middle of the night?

Out of the Way, But Always There When You Need It

The small square cabinet and ladder recesses into the interior wall space beneath any second or third story window, so it’s always where you need it, when you need it. The high-tech engineering and materials make it the most reliable and easy-to-use emergency escape ladder on the market.


  • Supports up to 1,500 Pounds
    Strongest solution on the market supports up to 1,500 pounds allowing for more than one person to escape at the same time. It can also support a firefighter in full gear to perform rescues.
  • Child-Friendly
    The ladder is child friendly with anti-slip rungs and standoffs so that little fingers can easily grasp each step and is light enough for a child to use in an emergency.
  • Designed for Two or Three Story Homes
    Long enough to accommodate a three-story home with a total length of 23’-8”. With a two-story home, extra rungs should be removed during the installation process.
  • Complete 3-story ladder weighs 16.6 lbs
    If the ladder is being used for a 2-story home, then the ladder can be sized to fit which would reduce the weight.
  • Complimentary Home Style Design
    Can be painted or wallpapered to blend with any room decor or home style.
  • Energy Star Compliant
    Installing the provided insulation sheet behind the unit meets all Energy Star requirements.
  • Fits Inside Standard 2 x 4 Walls
    Installation requires a finished space of 14″ h and 16.5″ w beneath the window sill.
  • Engineered for Repacking & Reuse
    Emergency ladder repacks easily encouraging fire escape drills.
  • Firefighter Recommended
    Firefighters from all over the nation have high regard for this innovative life-saving product; including emergency workers who have witnessed deadly tragedy first hand.
  • 15-Year Warranty
    Our ladder is backed by a 15 year warranty.

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