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Choosing the right company for railing and staircase renovation can sometimes be a head-scratcher. Considering what goes into a railing and hardwood stair remodel, we believe the best course of action is to choose a company that focuses specifically on railing and staircase installs. Our business is simple. We love to design and build railing systems and stairs for builders and homeowners. That’s what we do, every single day.



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One of the most frequently trafficked areas of any multi-level home. This centerpiece to the home is one of the few areas where form and function play an equal role in the design and performance of your hardwood staircase. As a locally owned and operated company, Stair Solution has been servicing the major Metro Atlanta area for over 20 years and one thing’s for sure, we know stairs.

We believe hardwood stair replacement is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home whether you’re planning to sell, whether you’re tired of creaky, uneven stairs, or whether you just want to add a little beauty and luxury to your life. But when is the right time to remodel? We’ve found many hardwood stair remodels happen around the same time as flooring remodels. Once the new, beautiful flooring is done stairs usually follow suit to match the remodel efforts and truly enhance the overall beauty of your home. There’s nothing more frustrating than enjoying your floors until you reach the stairs. Let us match your new hardwoods with a new staircase to create a truly seamless transition.



Part of our mission is to educate the homeowner, and one of the most important facts to know about your stairs is to learn how to determine what kind of staircase you have. Below, we’ll teach you what to look for so you know what you have even before we meet with you.

There are two major types of stair construction: Framed and Manufactured.


In a perfect world, all residential staircases would be built as a ‘Framed staircase’. This style of construction is considered to be the ‘Right’ way to design and build staircases. Typically when a carpenter builds a framed staircase they put a 2x12 on every back and all sides. This ensures a solid, safe and long-lasting staircase for the homeowner. These are ALWAYS built to fit the home and are never prefabricated offsite.


This type of staircase is basically built hollow with no stability for weight or wear and tear, much like a chest of drawers. Many builders cut corners using leftover wood pieces and backing the staircase structure with cheap OSB board, giving it a structure reminiscent of an accordion. If you pull the stair tread out, it’s possible the whole thing can fall in on itself. These staircases are usually prebuilt in a millshop and delivered to the jobsite and take no time to install. These types of shortcut installations are done by builder subcontractors, and NOT staircase installers.

Because we focus on all things stairs, you’ll never have to worry about unforeseen upcharges or price gouging based on the type of staircase that came with the home. With Stair Solution, it doesn’t matter what type of staircase you have, the cost to you is the same regardless of the type of stair you’re working with. So when you’re deciding on the right company to renovate your staircase remember this helpful cost saving tip that only Stair Solution offers.

We are proud to uniquely offer the only combined team of designers, carpenters and installers under one roof in the state of Georgia. We only offer framed stair solutions because we understand the importance of building an outstanding product that lasts and lasts.