Misterstep Spiral Stairs


Interior and Exterior

All Misterstep products are manufactured with great care to detail and are sold in a basic kit that can be extensively customized through the vast range of accessories available.
This means solutions adaptable to every kind of furnishing requirement.

Do it yourself

Misterstep – A true DIY solution.
Unbeatable for simplicity and functionality Misterstep spiral staircases are synonymous with structural simplicity, stylistic lightness and adaptability to the customer’s needs, thanks to the central column and a practical, precise riser adjustment system. The most striking feature is certainly the banister design: the vertical elements unite with the sinuously graceful helicoid of the handrail , ensuring absolute structural rigidity and a total essentiality of line. All these characteristics have made Misterstep spiral staircase kits bestsellers for years on all world markets.