Incorporating Wrought Iron Accessories into Your Next Stairs Project

Stairs are a permanent piece of furniture in the home. People will pay a great deal of time and effort picking out fixtures, tile, countertops and trim, and often pay little time selecting the turnings and wrought iron accessories on their staircases. In most cases the countertops and even tile will be ripped out and replaced, but that trusty stair will stand the test of time.

Of course there are countless finish options, but one that is becoming increasingly more popular is the incorporation of ironwork into the design. With the advanced and highly sophisticated manufacturing processes prevalent, iron balusters have only become more beautiful and resilient. Today, wrought iron stair products are considered among the very best you can get for building a beautiful staircase.

Iron stair parts such as iron balusters and railings have other advantages than mere beauty. One major advantage of using iron parts is the strength they bring with them. In other words, if you wish to build a stronger staircase, it makes a lot of sense to use the natural strength of iron to your advantage. Modern iron parts also come pre-treated for enhanced resistance to rusting. As a result, you can use them both outdoors and indoors without having to worry about exposure to the sun, humidity, rain, or snow.

Well known for its flexibility, wrought iron is also available in a wide range of attractive designs. From the Classical and Victorian to the Rustic and the Contemporary, wrought iron will surprise you with its diversity. Beyond the preselected options, customers also have the option to completely customize the design, offering distinction and an opportunity to contribute to the design.

Stair Solution’s product options are elegant and authentic alternatives typically presented in the marketplace. Moreover, one has the privilege to select different decorative iron railings. We have several finishes, as well as color combination options to enhance the décor, adding value to the property.

The iron hand rails are easy to install and consist of sturdy reinforcement. These ornamental iron railings are available in varied sizes and shapes, so the applications adapts to different spaces, such as the bathroom, walkway or stairways. Given iron railing attachments are resistant to extreme conditions, iron spindles are applicable for use inside and outside alike. In contrast to the aluminum options, the outdoor and indoor wrought iron railings require nominal, eliminating the need for perpetual maintenance.

Wrought iron provides the most harmonizing improvement solution to enhance your staircase renovation. The investment is a worthy one. To schedule a free consultation or to visit Stair Solution’s showroom, call 770-813-9070 or send a message to; [email protected]. Stair Solution will review project books, catalogs, and provide expert advice at homes to explore the color, texture, and style.