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Historic and Trending

Listed as one of the top 10 design trends in 2019, spiral staircase installations have definitely made their way back into our homes, lofts, offices, and hearts. This timeless stairway design’s origins date way back to the 5th century BC, and then widely adopted by the Roman Empire 2nd century 113 AD after the famous and influential Trajan’s Column was completed. This groundbreaking utilitarian innovation would soon become a staple in most types of architecture where small, confined spaces (Like towers) were prevalent, or where the overall goal was to ‘Build up’. Fast forward two millennia and the spiral staircase is still widely used today with one major difference. The form is now as important as the function.

With countless design kits from historic traditional to hard contemporary to uncategorized, the modern spiral staircase has now become a staple in many homes, offices and urban loft work areas where space is just not an option. Why not have some fun with it? With our insanely wide variety of spiral stair kit solutions, we guarantee you will find something that works with your space (Or lack thereof), wallet and style.

Stair Solution offers a variety of spiral staircase kit types for interior, exterior, and space-saving.