Modern Railing Systems and Stairs


Our modern railing systems are truly something to behold. With styles ranging from glass to wood to stainless steel and cable to downright futuristic, post-modern engineering masterpieces, these unique designs are beautiful as they are durable.

Wood posts and cable wire

By far our best seller, this beautiful marriage of modern with natural woods is a jaw-dropper. For any home owner, this railing upgrade is a masterpiece and a conversation starter. Enhance your home or office, dazzle your guests or clients, and treat yourself to a gorgeous modern railing system that will last for years.

Cable-Wire and Stainless Tube (Rods)

We also offer a more industrial modern look with out cable-wire and stainless tube (Rod) systems. When considering a type of modern railing system, be sure to check out our wide selection materials and designs as well.

Glass Panel

If wood panel or stainless railing systems don’t quite match your design tastes, we recommend considering one of our beautiful and durable glass panel railing systems. These ultra-modern designs will visually amaze and delight your guests.

Modern Space Saving stair kits

Short on space? Who isn’t? Let Stair Solution be your go-to company for any and all space-saving needs.


Modern Railing Systems

And of course with any modern railing project, Stair Solution provides turnkey installation and support for all brands we offer.

Touch or Click For Modern Railing Families

Modern Stainless Steel Staircase by Rintal

Let us revamp the look of your commercial space or upgrade your modern home. The pure beauty of stainless comes to life in these stainless modular stair systems. Whether its a bar, glass, or cable system you have choices that accent any modern dwelling or downtown loft.

The Future is here

When we first talk with our customers about staircase railing needs we start things off by learning about you and your home. What’s your style? Contemporary or modern? We want to build a mental picture of your living areas and your goals to help us determine if our amazing modern railing designs or staircase kits are right for you. While many homes are crafted with old world ways and traditional styles, there are also a great number of homes that are built with striking modern designs in mind. This is why Stair Solution is proud to offer such a wide selection of modern stair railing systems, designs and staircase kits.