Modern Stairs: The Beauty of Rintal & Prima

If you are in search of a modern staircase and open stair design, Rintal stairs are an excellent choice. Rintal, an Italian company, has been a leader in the world market of staircases for over three decades. During this time, Rintal has worked to transform our perception of stairs as being just another functional mainstay to a personalized design component in any home.

Rintal’s tagline is “the only limit is your imagination.” That is because their stair systems ensure the highest level of customization, versatility and flexibility. This proves true in each of the five steps that lead to the creation of the final product, from the choice of the structure, to the selection of the step, the type of railing, the handrail and the accessories.

Seen below is our Prima stair solution. This is the fruit of collaboration between Rintal and the renowned design group, Giugiaro Architterua. These beautiful, modern stairs launched a new experimentation and research strategy involving design solutions applied to staircases. The stairs offer a streamlines and lean structure.



They are elegantly lit up by a suffused light emitted from the methacrylate spacers.


They also come complete with a special railing with curved metal sails.


If you are looking for a unique staircase, Rintal Prima is the way to go. The stairs are equipped with many exclusive features that come together to provide any setting with a feeling of exclusivity and glamour.