Save Space and Time with a Modern Stair Kit Design


The Modern Staircase Kit

Would you like to bring new life to a unique space in your home?

Do you want to create a staircase that is tailored specifically to allow access to unused spaces or is small and delivers transparent modern accent?

If your answer is “yes” to either question, then a Modern Staircase Kit is the perfect solution for you and your interior design.

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Our Modern Stair Kits can help you transform your tight space into something that is not only open, but also attractive. One of our best space saving options is our open Rise/Mono Stringer Systems. Whether you are expanding a playroom, attic, loft or bedroom to create access to another floor, these systems will give you the most open look of any type of stair solution.

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Our modern stair kits are perfect for use in confined areas like lofts, kitchens and attics. One main reason is because these kits can be installed in many different patterns including straight, (“L” 90 degree) and turn Turns (“U” Turns).  We have combined the best modern stair kit lines in the world. Whether it’s a bar, glass, or cable system we offer choices that accent any urban dwelling or downtown loft. We also offer a full range of wood and metal stair systems including stairway, railing, spindle, and balustrade products.

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Our attractive Modern Stair Kits can save you time and money. Basic configurations are priced from $1700 and installation services are available. The popularity of the Modern Stair Kits has continued to rise due to the clean and modern look that the kits can add to any space.  They also offer functional design, versatility, and are made with dependable products. This enables us to save time while quickly assembling your stairs. The kits come with limited parts. This means that you can install them as a DIY project with ease.

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Our mission at Stair Solution is to provide the highest quality Modern Stair Kits for both residential and commercial staircase applications. The ease of assembly and installation of our stair kits reduces associated costs and saves time while providing a beautifully customized and finished staircase.