Starting Step design and selection

The starting step, offered in a variety of designs, make numerous style options available for the beginning of a staircase. Traditionally rounded, however Rectangular steps are available as well. These systems include the Tread, Riser, Cove and Shoe Moldings. Steps can be Right, Left or Double sided. Volute handrail fittings are used with Pintop Newels with Rounded steps and Turnouts used with Box Newels for Rectangular steps.

To select the proper size you will need the Riser width (side to side) measurement, also known as Throat. The Bullnose portion extends about 10 inches outside the Riser measurement. The most common starting step, the 8010 Single-End Bullnose Starting Step, is required when using a Volute or Turnout in an Over-the-Post application. Remember to decrease the number of treads and risers normally required by one each when utilizing a starting step.