The Many Benefits of Hardwood Staircases

Over the course of time, everything needs a makeover and your home is no different. When it comes to a home renovation or makeover, the stairs are oftentimes one of the most overlooked features of a home. This is unfortunate because they are also one of the first things that visitors see when they enter your home. When it comes to a stair makeover, natural hardwood staircases can bring instant rejuvenation to the look of your home. They also provide a fresh and modern feel. Adding a touch of wood can change the ambience and atmosphere of your living space. Hardwood staircases can also provide a more comfortable, natural and organic environment.

Whether you’re planning to sell, are tired of creaky, uneven stairs, or whether you just want to add a little beauty and luxury to your life, hardwood stair replacement is one of the most cost-effective ways to upgrade your home. Hardwood stairs are also a great way to save if you are planning to sell your home.

Here are some benefits of Hardwood Staircases:


If you are currently shopping for hardwood staircases, the first thing that you probably have noticed is the endless amount of choices that are available to you. Hardwood staircases are available in different shapes, colors, sizes, styles and designs. This gives you freedom to choose the one that matches the style of your home.

Timeless, Beautiful and Long Lasting:

When carpets and vinyl stairs sustain damage, it’s almost impossible to disguise. But, wood is a naturally long lasting product. So, when you give your home a makeover with hardwood stairs, you don’t have to worry about wear, tear, scratches or dents. This is because wood is naturally durable and tough. Also, hardwood staircases can last a lifetime, which will save money when it comes to replacement costs.

Promotes Healthy Living:

Carpets can trap dust and dander, causing or even making allergies worse. Hardwood flooring gives you an allergy free atmosphere that is especially advantageous for children and people who suffer from asthma.

Environmentally friendly:

Did you know that harmful chemicals can be emitted by new carpets for up to a year after installation? Unlike carpeting, hardwood is a natural and eco-friendly product that does not naturally contain harmful chemicals.  

Your stairs are important and staircases are one of the most frequently trafficked areas of any multi-level home. As a locally owned and operated company,Stair Solution has been servicing the major Metro Atlanta area since 2003 and one thing’s for sure, we know stairs! Let us match your new hardwoods with a new staircase to create a truly seamless transition.