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Top 5 reasons why a spiral staircase could be right for you

Expressing your creativity and personality through design elements in your home while also maintaining efficiency and comfort can be a tall task. However, there are still ways to showcase your artistic side without overcrowding your home with décor and compromising your space. DIY Spiral stairs might be your answer.

Check out our top 5 reasons why spiral staircases are the way to go!

  1. Space Savers

As urban city living continues to gain more popularity, many individuals realize there dwelling spaces in the city are significantly smaller for equivalently priced homes in the suburbs. With smaller homes, efficiency is key. Spiral staircases are perfect for small living spaces. Installing a spiral stair kit can maximize space and leave plenty of floor room which in turn will make your living space look even bigger.


  1. Design Preference

Spiral staircases are beautiful. If you’re looking for an upgrade that fits your style and increases value in your home, try adding a dramatic spiral staircase. You can find designs that are modern, contemporary, traditional or custom. This additional touch of flair will likely be located somewhere in the center of your house and can give your space an added wow factor! Talk about a home statement piece.

  1. Economical

When you start renovations on our home, very quickly you begin to see how prices add up and become a pretty high expense. However, with a spiral staircase you can increase the elegance and sophistication of your home with a beautiful statement piece that won’t break the bank!


  1. Durability

These aesthetically appealing staircases are built to last and withstand long term use. In your home safety is important to you, and adding fixtures that comply with regulations should be a priority. That’s why at stair solution we’ve designed staircases that are not only gorgeous but functional.

  1. Adds Value

Investing in your home is important when considering resale value. Whether you plan on moving out anytime soon or not, you want your home to hold its worth, and a spiral case is a design element that can boost your house’s worth.


If spiral cases are something you are considering give us a call and we’d be happy to schedule a free estimate and offer catalogs and other materials that can help you in making the decision!

At Stair Solution, we offer a variety of spiral stair kit types including:

  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Compact
  • Loft

You can also receive our kits in a wide variety of materials including:

  • Hot-dip galvanized steel
  • Wood
  • Zinc
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless steel

Choose Stair Solutions for all of your spiral staircase needs. What sets Stair Solution apart from other avenues? Quality, Experienced Stair-Builders, Design Advice, Dependability, and Selection as displayed in our large Showroom Located at 1883 McFarland Parkway
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